How to get a discount?

Here we will talk about ways to reduce the cost of translation without lowering its quality.

  1. Order less

    Some materials may not need translation right now, so you can postpone them until you have the necessary amount of money. Or in your files, the text is repeated, which can be corrected. The file size is calculated automatically, so we can easily miss these repeats, indicating the cost.

  2. Extend deadlines

    If you calculate the cost of the order using our calculator, then the optimal project terms are offered to you automatically. If you need translation to be done in a shorter time, the cost will rise. Order urgent translation only if you really need it.

  3. Allow the use of your project in our portfolio

    If your text does not contain confidential information or it can be hidden without losing meaning, when ordering, offer us the opportunity to use your project in our portfolio. If your language pair and subject matter are of interest to us, we will provide a discount of up to 15%.

  4. Tell about us

    Tell people that you used our services. Usually, this information may be indicated on the website or in the credits, depending on what was translated. The size of the discount will depend on the audience covered. We value honesty. Do not leave positive feedback before evaluating the result.

  5. Order more

    When ordering for an amount more than 60 000 RUR, we are ready to make a discount due to large volume. The size of the discount depends on the language combination and subject and may reach 25%.

  6. Just ask for a discount

    We are always happy to give discounts to regular customers simply for the fact that they work with us.